Sewage treatment equipment


GFPW series steel structure integrated pickling and Phosphating Wastewater treatment equipment applicable to acid pickling wastewater treatment equipment, pickling Phosphating Wastewater treatment equipment, aluminum products oxidation wastewater treatment equipment, such as acid containing wastewater treatment.
Process flow description
First, adjust the quality and quantity of wastewater into the regulation pool, requirements of sewage into the device before the pH value in the wastewater is greater than 5, adjusted by the lifting pool and after the pump into the integrated treatment equipment, lifting pump automatic control water level controller, water level high limit start, stop. The main engine parts of the mixing system and sewage pump linkage.
The integrated device includes a plurality of processing area, in each region after grading dosing process. In the first area, the wastewater is first adding NaOH, using pH to add automatic control dosage, mixing reaction through mixing unit, the pH control to 8-10, then adding flocculant PAC, the amount of PAC by metering pump manual control to add, remove heavy metal ions. After the heavy metal ion is completely precipitated, the sludge is opened and the sludge is discharged to the sludge tank.
The remaining second sewage wastewater into the artesian area by adding NaOH, pH added automatic control dosage, mixing reaction through mixing unit, adjusting the pH to 10-11, the dosage of CaCl2, stirring after adding PAC, PAM, precipitated completely discharged sludge, dosage for dilute H2SO4 10% residual wastewater the use of pH automatic control, adding dosage, mixing reaction by mixing unit, control of pH reached 7-9, flow into the tank.
The water storage tank is mainly used for buffering water quantity, so as to satisfy the subsequent adsorption and filtering system, which is automatically controlled by the liquid level control system. The effluent is qualified to discharge into the park sewage pipe network.
The sludge tank using sludge pump to filter press for filtration, filtrate flow section pool again callback processing, the filter cake is transported to the qualified units for processing.
Belong to the basic automatic state operation process of the process equipment, pH and NaOH and H2SO4 dosing pump chain, by pH automatic control of adding pH, ensure pH meet the requirements of reaction. The medicament dosage calculation according to the water need manual control after dosing pump for dosing. The filtration and adsorption system is controlled by the liquid level control system.
Filtration and adsorption system back flushing: sand filter and carbon filter manual operation, the reverse washing cycle, as the production of water. General anti flushing cycle for 24-36 hours a time. Reverse osmosis membrane reverse washing cycle time set automatic control, the general anti flushing cycle for 20-30 minutes, the time of the anti flushing time is 1-2 minutes.


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